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About PlanetOwen

At PlanetOwen, we are very diverse and very inclusive.  We have a passion for helping runners become fitter and faster ..... with a nearly zero risk of injury.  We love to work with all runners, from novice to experienced, young to old, and sub-elite to elite.

A Bit About Me

I'm an exercise physiologist, coach, and manager, and I love to help runners of all ability levels achieve their most-sought-after goals.  When you work with me, you have my full attention 24-7, and I promise to make you faster and stronger.  I've had success at the elite level, with one world champion, three world silver medalists, two world bronzes, and an African champion.  I've also guided countless non-elite runners to the attainment of their most-desired goals.  In addition, I give back to the community, with numerous projects for helping children (please read about these undertakings on our We Support page).

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Mary Moraa is a world silver medalist at 400 meters.

Cynthia Limo was ranked #1 in the world before going on maternity leave.

Monicah Ngige has been on the podium an amazing 27 times in her last 30 races.

Mary Munanu chalked up wins at the Mercedes Benz Half Marathon and All America City 10K.


Please tell me more about your running - I want to help you!

Let me know how you have been training and what you want to accomplish as a runner.  I'll respond immediately and will also send you - free - one of my ebooks on the best workouts for runners.  I look forward to hearing from you!




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