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How it works

Hi ........ this is Owen ....... thank you so much for reading about my online coaching program.

When you sign up to work with me, I'm with you 24-7.  You can contact me anytime with questions or concerns, by phone, email, text message, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.  I'm here to help you - I want you to reach all of your goals as a runner.

I love working with runners of all ability levels.  Whether you are a novice or experienced runner, young or old, non-elite, sub-elite, or elite, it's going to be great working with you.  Coaching runners like you is my passion.

How does it work?  First, we'll talk on the phone, so that we can get to know each other.  I'll want to learn about your running, including your preferred distances and training methods, as well as your possible history of injury.  I'll send you a short questionnaire, with some questions about your training and past race performances (but you don't have to be a seasoned racer to begin working with me).

Then you will have someone take a slow-motion video of you running, and you will send the video to me.  I'll examine the video carefully to make sure you're not starting the program with any serious form flaws.  If there are some things that need to be corrected, I'll send you videos of drills that will bring your running form up to par.  This is so important, because your running form has a big impact not only on how long and fast you can run, but also on your risk of injury.

After reviewing your first video, I'll also send your initial training schedule, typically seven to 10 days in length.  Once you have examined the workouts in your initial program, you can call, email, or text with any questions you might have.  As you progress with the schedule, we'll remain in close contact.

What's different about my online program, compared with the other programs that are available (in addition to my consistent involvement with your progress)?  First, everything in the schedule is absolutely personalized for you - the workouts perfectly match your current level of fitness.  Second, I keep careful watch on your running form, analyzing your videos every few weeks to make sure that you are running in an optimal way.  Third, I add running-specific strength training and cross training on an exercise bike to your regular running workouts - to strengthen you dramatically, enhance your running economy, and reduce your risk of injury to nearly zero.  Of course, you will be doing some "explosive drills" too.  I'm going to not only boost your endurance ..... I will also make you faster!

If you have a goal race on the horizon, I'll make sure you are in perfect condition when you go to the starting line of your event (I coach runners at distances ranging from 100 meters up to the marathon).  I'll create a plan that will progressively prepare you for your big race (and share that plan with you as we begin working together).


Let's get started!  I'm eager to help you transform your running and reach all of your long-sought-after goals.  Please click here to sign up to work with me or simply go to the Shop area of this web site to register.  I can't wait to get to know you and begin working with you! 

Summer Running Camp

Arizona Running Camp

I'm so pleased to announce that PlanetOwen's first summer running camp will take place July 14-19, 2020 on the beautiful campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.  For more details, please visit the Shop page of this website.

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