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Elite Runners

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Monicah Ngige

Monicah Ngige will represent Kenya at the World Half Marathon Championships in Gdynia, Poland on October 17.  Monicah is one of the top road racers in the world, with 27 podium appearances in her last 30 races.  She is a three-time winner of the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K and won the 2019 B. A. A. 5K with a time of 15:16.  She has run 31:37 for 10K and 67:29 for the half.


Mary Munanu

Mary Munanu has been an African junior cross country silver medalist and has won major road races around the globe, including the All-America City 10K, the Mercedes Benz Half Marathon, the Hamburg Alsterlauf 10K (31:20), the Laredo 10K in Spain (31:48), and the Lewa Half Marathon (67:54).  She has run 8:48 for 3000 meters and 15:22 for 5000.


Catherine Mwanzau

What a year 20-year-old Catherine had in 2019, winning five major US road races and breaking two long-standing course records at the Litchfield Hills 7.1-Mile Road Race and the Cotton Row Run 10K!  Each record had been in place for over 30 years.  Catherine also won the Tulsa Run 15K, the Shelter Island 10K & the Orange Classic 10K

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Balikis Yakubu

23-year-old Balikis Yakubu from Nigeria is an extremely promising sprinter who has run 11.58 for 100 meters and 23.92 for 200.  Balikis stunned the sprint world with three medals at the West African University Games in Port Harcourt - gold in 200 meters and silver at 100 meters and the 4 X 100.  We expect to be working with her in Tokyo next year!


Raymond Magut

21-year-old Raymond had a sensational year in 2019, with major wins at the Genworth VA 10 Mile, the Debbie Green Memorial 5K, the Crazy 8s 8K, the Buffalo Chase 5K, and the News and Sentinel Half Marathon.  He has run 3:43 for 1500, 13:39 for 5000 meters, 13:41 for 5K, 22:52 for 8K, and 47:30 for 10 miles (the second-fastest time in 20 years at Genworth 10 Mile).


Beatrice Mutai

Beatrice Mutai (in the center of the above photo with the red running kit) is one of the fastest 10K runners in the world.  She notched a 31:01 in Durban, South Africa this past October and also owns a 48:52 PB for 15K.  Beatrice was #4 at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia with an excellent time of 31:49 for 10,000 meters.


 Charles Ndungu

24-year-old Charles Ndungu has already established himself as a premier track athlete and road racer, with PBs of 13:25 for 5000 meters, 27:57 for 10,000 meters, 46:07 for 10 miles on the roads, and 62:12 for the half marathon.  Having done most of his competing in Japan, Charles looks forward to beginning his American road-race career in September, 2020.

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Docus Ajok

25-year-old Docus has PBs of 2:00 for 800 meters, 4:10 for 1500 meters, and 1:13 for the half marathon; she has been selected to represent Uganda at the World Half Marathon Championships in Gdynia, Poland on October 17.  Docus has been a gold medalist, a silver medalist, and a double-bronze medalist at the World University Games, and she has also been a Ugandan National Champion at both 800 and 1500 meters.

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Josphat Leting

An extremely consistent and high-quality performer, Josphat has a PB of 2:09:34 for the marathon and has run six marathons faster than 2:10:55.  He has won major marathons in Enschede, Munster, and Tallinn and was #2 at the Taipei Marathon in Taiwan in December, 2019.  Josphat plans to makes his American marathon debut in the fall of 2020.


Cynthia Limo

Cynthia Limo is a world half-marathon silver medalist, and her PBs include 31:39 for 10K and 66:04 for the half marathon.  When she began her maternity leave in 2016, she was ranked #1 in the world.  Cynthia will return to action in September, 2020.